Find out how the policy on pets is. These hotels sometimes have odors because of the carpet and bed linens. Some hotels charge extra fees for pets, while other hotels will add a hefty fee for keeping a pet. The fee may cover the extra cleaning needed to completely remove the odors.

Don’t take linens from the room when you depart.

You can actually get a room upgrade without paying an upgraded price. You can be sure of this by being on time. If the room you are booked for has not been cleaned yet, you may be offered an upgrade.

Try to get a hotel upgrade without paying for it. You can do this by being on time to accept your hotel booking. Sometimes, rooms aren’t ready when patrons arrive, which means they offer an upgraded room for free.

If it becomes necessary to book a hotel from the road, look at tourist centers, gas stations and tourist centers for complimentary tourist books which contain hotel prices, maps, and great discounts. This way you call ahead and reserve the room instead of driving around looking for you.

Book hotel plans during special occasions. Hotels often provide some complimentary gifts if you let them know you are celebrating an anniversary or something similar. You might be able to wrangle a free champagne bottle or a similar thing.

Check online sites like Expedia or Travelocity to help you find good deals. You may have to bid on the price, and others may not include the hotel’s name until you book a room.

It is considered customary to tip the housekeeper when you leave a hotel. The maid should always be tipped, freshened up your room and kept you stocked in clean towels and toiletries. Unless you made sure your room was spick and span every single day, please don’t forget to do this.

When it comes to the perfect vacation, your choice of the hotel plays a huge role. If your hotel is awful, then this could lead to spoiling your trip. Avoid this situation. Use these tips and turn your hotel stay into a pleasurable experience.